1. Option A Maintenance covers any normal breakdowns of the Alarm System to the extent of labour costs and call-out charges. Equipment costs (faulty detection devices, control equipment etc) will be charged.

2. Option B Maintenance covers any normal breakdowns of the Alarm System, both labour costs and equipment costs are covered.

3. Option C Maintenance is a preventative maintenance system check only. It does not cover labour costs, call-out or equipment costs.

4. Option A and Option B Maintenance include one preventative maintenance system check or two preventative maintenance system checks if the system has remote signalling.

5. Security Lighting is not covered by Option A, Option B or Option C Maintenance.

6. If the specification of the System is such that it requires us to reset the control equipment or signalling equipment we reserve the right to charge for the cost of resetting.

7. You must pay the cost of any work to the System which is required due to damage caused by events such as fire, storm, dampness, misuse, accident, neglect, rodent damage, criminal damage or caused as a result of a fault of equipment outside our control, for example, that of British Telecom.

8. The equipment supplied and installed and any service or maintenance given by MRP Alarms is only designed to minimise the risk of the customer suffering loss or damage, but no guarantee can be given that the equipment will detect, activate or report correctly at all times, under all conditions.

Respectfully, we would like to point out that MRP Alarms is not an insurance company. MRP Alarms are unable to accept liability for any such loss or damage whether arising from some failure of the equipment or from some act of negligence on our part or otherwise. It is therefore the customer’s responsibility to comprehensively and adequately insure the property for such loss or damage.

In no circumstances whatsoever, will MRP Alarms liability in respect of any claims arising from breach of contract, omission or negligence exceed 10% of the total maintenance cost for maintaining the Alarm System.

9. Your chosen maintenance option requires a one-off payment that entitles you to 12 months of support. It is not a recurring payment. Please note that we do not offer refunds.