Monitored Security Systems

For increased security you may wish to have your security system monitored. A monitored alarm is one that is linked via the telephone line or cellular network or both to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

An ARC is a permanently manned high security call centre whose staff are dedicated to monitoring security systems and notifying the appropriate Authority - i.e.keyholders, the police, a guarding company, or the Fire & Rescue Service in the case of a fire - if there is an activation. An ARC is bound by strict legislation which ensures the highest standards of operation.

Monitoring Types Explained

There are many different types of monitoring available depending on the level of signalling security you require. Some of the most popular types of signalling are detailed below, click on each heading below to expand the section.

Digital Communicator


The digital communicator utilises your existing telephone line or a separate telephone line to send signals to the ARC. The communicator can send different types of signal depending on the situation, such as a hold up alarm in the event of a hold up device being activated. The ARC will then take the appropriate action for the signal received. The digital communicator provides local identification of a failure with the telephone line on the control and indicating equipment at the premises, but it does not provide indication of this at the ARC.

Digital Communicator

CSL DigiAir

CSL DigiAir utilises all mobile networks via its WorldSIM instead of a telephone line to signal an alarm from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). It is designed for low to medium risk premises and is an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators as it eliminates call costs and phone charges. DigiAir is small enough to fit into any existing or legacy control and indicating equipment.

CSL DigiAir


BT Classic Redcare

BT Classic Redcare is a monitoring system that will signal upon activation or when the telephone line has been cut. An additional benefit of BT Redcare is that it can be connected to an existing speech telephone line, thus reducing the cost of monitoring. A low frequency signal is transmitted by the Redcare equipment within the alarm control panel down a conventional telephone line to the local BT exchange. If the line is cut the low frequency signal will not be received at the exchange. Line cuts can thus be detected and the ARC notified. A second high frequency polling signal is sent from the exchange to the Redcare equipment. On receipt of this message the Redcare equipment will transmit back a response. This two way messaging ensures that the equipment cannot be substituted. The messages are encrypted and authenticated to ensure that they cannot be simulated by external equipment.

Whilst BT Redcare will work with a normal telephone line, faxes and modems interfere with Redcare signals and therefore should not be used on a BT Redcare line, unless a 'modem compatibility device' is fitted.

Redcare from BT

BT Redcare GSM

BT Redcare GSM is one of the most secure alarm signalling services available on the market today. It is a dual-signalling system that automatically provides a confirmed activation if both the landline and radio paths are attacked, regardless of which one is attacked first.

Redcare GSM offers you double protection by combining BT Redcare's failsafe alarm signalling technology with a Roaming SIM which automatically chooses the best signal from the main UK mobile networks, for rock-solid reliability. The system continuously monitors both the primary and secondary paths, making it one of only a few systems that conform to the highest level - Grade 4 - of the European Standard 50131.

If you want the best form of dual-signalling, then Redcare GSM is for you. BT Redcare's contingency signalling is also ideal if your insurance company requires your alarm system to transmit 'confirmation' signals after a line cut.

Redcare from BT

CSL DualCom®

DualCom® combines both radio and telephone technologies that continually monitor each other - providing double protection against intruders. Any loss of service, through telephone line faults or cuts for example, is rapidly reported to the ARC using GPRS or GSM. Unlike single path signalling devices DualCom® continues to monitor the premises while the fault is resolved. However, if a subsequent detector is triggered immediately after a line fault, it is likely that an intruder has entered the premises so the police can be notified immediately.

DualCom® not only provides protection from intruders, it also helps to ensure the safety of your staff. A single monitored line could leave employees vulnerable to personal attack should the telephone line be deliberately or accidentally cut. But with DualCom® a hold up alarm is confirmed to the ARC using the GPRS or GSM radio paths, even if the telephone line is down. CSL DualCom® have pioneered a single hardware platform which fits every grade of security risk, right the way from Grade 2, 3 and 4 Security installations to the highest specification of Fire signalling grades.

CSL DualCom


CSL DualCom

 Redcare from BT


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